Dennis Freed and his associates have been involved with all aspects of the development and construction business and are prepared to assist in any stage of a project, including:

Project Development

The complex analysis required before making an acquisition is a critical step in any development process. We will work closely with clients before making a real estate purchase to map out your project’s feasibility and costs, safeguarding the success of your investment.

Pre-Construction, Planning, Design and Value Engineering

Once a purchase is made, we can help clients make informed decisions thanks to our extensive knowledge of materials, building components and structures, as well as a wide network of professional service providers. We are dedicated to meeting your needs within the planned budget and creating the smoothest possible process for the project team.

Project and Program Management

One misstep can derail a project’s schedule and budget, so an experienced eye on all aspects of the project is critical. We assist with planning, logistics, purchasing, cost accounting and scheduling as needed, identifying challenges as they arise and offering solutions throughout a project to ensure goals are on track for completion. The employment of his innovative matrix construction schedule is invaluable to tracking detailed floor by floor construction sequencing.


Identifying minor issues before they become major ones is an important part of managing any site, even once the construction phase has wrapped up. We can assist to determine the causes of these issues and offer effective solutions.

Construction Disputes Avoidance and Resolution

  • Management Consulting Services
    • Executive and personnel mentoring
    • Construction strategic and operational planning
    • Individual project feasibility and systems implementation
    • Team development
  • Crafting a team working methodology and system to avoid and resolve conflicts effectively.
  • Pre-project evaluation assessing potential risks and creating systems to avoid the risks.
  • Monthly or Bi-weekly project evaluations, as an “outside” set of eyes, to preserve the project schedule and budget.
  • Evaluate projects behind schedule or over budget to creating systems to recoup or stem the losses.
  • Negotiating Scope Change and Schedule disputes
  • Mediation prior to litigation

Repositioning and Renovation

Renovation and repositioned building construction success are determined before the first “element” is removed. Creative engineering and design implemented in the first few months of the design process are crucial to meeting the project’s financial and timeline goals. Dennis Freed’s direct involvement in the development and construction engineering of numerous landmark renovations and repositioning of buildings will save precious time and money. His employment of laser scanning surveying, detailing the existing building to the pixel, mixed with his preconstruction experience assists to shape the building program early on in the process. One Wall Street’s detailed laser surveying mixed with innovative engineering created spaces and programs that were originally not envisioned. Another example of creative pre-construction and construction services is in the conversion of the Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital on East 63rd Street, for Worldwide Holdings, from a working hospital to the fully functioning New York City Public School PS 59 in twelve months’ time and under budget.

Constructability Review and Construction Management

New York City construction projects have their own unique set of challenges. Dennis and his associates offer years of industry experience and a commitment to uphold best practices. Our experienced team will review all processes and materials and advise on sustainability, building functionality, safety and regulatory compliances. We will walk your project as needed to evaluate the progress and offer guidance for staying on schedule and on budget.