Development and Construction Expertise

Dennis Freed draws from decades of experience when consulting on projects for a variety of private and institutional clients. He has a reputation for out-of-the-box thinking and producing buildings of exceptional quality on a schedule and cost basis that is rarely matched.

Dennis’ experience envelopes all product types ranging from Condominiums, residential rentals, schools, universities, museums, churches, hotels, office buildings, tenant fit-out, movie theaters, off-Broadway theaters, city parks, art installations, socially responsible, environmental cleanups, brownfield remediation, and EPA projects.

His knowledge assists in guiding developments from inception through pre-construction to final closeout. He has developed key relationships in all important development disciplines and governmental agencies, including the New York City Department of Buildings, Con Edison, architects, engineers, consultants, subcontractors, and material manufacturers.

Throughout his career, Dennis has been involved with every aspect of the development and construction business and takes a very hands-on approach to all projects, involving himself in all the details. He has visited numerous manufactures throughout the world reviewing different parts and components to ensure his clients receive the best materials as the project schedule requires. He is well versed in new construction, repositioning, and renovation techniques and offers many solutions to reduce costs and scheduling. With extensive industry knowledge and a devotion to his clients, Dennis is a person whom you can rely on with confidence to lead both your project and company.

Committed to Safety

Dennis Freed Consulting is committed to safety, and his teams have led safety efforts in New York City by designing and implementing numerous construction safety measures that dramatically decrease time loss, injuries and property damage resulting in overall reduced project costs and liabilities. The concrete cocoons and lifting platforms, that envelope the buildings keeping our pedestrians and workers safe, are a direct result of Dennis Freed’s innovation. The first four (4) buildings to utilize this safety system were his projects. He played an integral part in the development of the New York City Safety Code of Conduct utilized by all the NYC construction unions. For his efforts, he received the Lend Lease Corporation US Safety Leader award and the converted International Safety Team Award.


Dennis has been at the forefront of creativity and innovation. His degree as a structural engineer coupled with decades of experience offer valuable cost savings solutions to the foundation and structural design. Since 1980 Dennis Freed has personally been an integral part in numerous façade design, procurement, manufacturing and implementations. His unique experience is invaluable to one of the most crucial visual components of a building. He and his teams have pioneered numerous innovations such as:

  • Implementation of the first four building envelope cocoons and lifting platforms in New York City as well as many other concrete high-rise safety solutions.
  • Creation of the first modern exposed concrete residential building, cost and schedule effective, in conjunction with GKV Architects.
  • Introduction of numerous façade solutions including handset precast panels and various cost savings curtain wall components.
  • Construction engineered cantilevers up to 25 feet and spanning over occupied buildings.
  • Construction engineered the second LEED residential building in New York City.
  • In 1986 he created a scheduling matrix system which provides detailed and accurate indication of a project’s performance. The matrix has become a standard to track daily and weekly job performance and assist in the recovery of any delays encountered.